Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to Grow Rocket/Arugula

Name: Rocket/Arugula

**With a slightly peppery taste, Arugula gives salads a nice bite, or can even be used as a salad itself.

**It is very hardy and can outlast nearly all other green leaf salad plants.

**The seeds are cheap and a packet usually holds a good quantity and it doesn’t matter too much if it is sown too thickly. It also grows very fast.

**Full sunshine when sown in spring and autumn, some shade in summer is preferred.

**Not picky about soil.

**Sow from March to late September every 4 weeks, thin to 6 inches apart or simply cut off needed leaves while leaving the plant in the ground. In this manner, the plant will continue to produce more leaves.

**Sow every couple of weeks for a continuous crop.

**Seeds can be stored for up to 3 years.

**Water if very dry, otherwise, this plant takes care of itself.

**It can sometimes bolt in the summer. You can still eat the leaves but they will be more bitter than normal. However, if it bolts, it will self-seed itself (though the plants usually have smaller leaves).

**Start picking outer leaves and keep picking. Once the flowers have formed, the leaves become small and bitter, so this is when you move on to the next batch.

For additional information, see: references and warnings

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