Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chocolate Mint Mousse

I cannot WAIT to make this delicious dessert! I love chocolate...

Chocolate Mint Mousse

*1/2 cup plain dark chocolate
*2 eggs, seperated
*1 tsp. instant coffee
*1 tsp. fresh chopped mint (peppermint or spearmint work best)
*whipped cream for decoration
*mint leaves for decoration

1) Melt the chocolate either in a microwave or in a double boiler. When smooth and liquid, remove from the heat.
2) Beat egg yolks and add to the chocolate while hot. Add the coffee and chopped mint.
3) Leave the mixture to cool for about 15 minutes. Beat the egg whites (not too stiff) and fold them into the cooling chocolate mixture. Spoon into containers. When you are ready to serve, put a blob of whipped cream in the middle and garnish with whole mint leaves. Enjoy!

Recipe located in: Jekka McVicar, The Complete Herb Book, pg. 157

For additional information, see: references and warnings

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