Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to Grow Beets

Name: Beets


**Beets are best eaten young/small because that is when they are their sweetest and tastiest.


**They do best in a sunny position, in a light, sandy soil.

**They prefer a soil of pH 6.5-7.0.


**Try to sow beets through the year so that you have a regular, continuous supply. Start in early spring by sowing seeds indoors and use bolt-resistant varieties. In late spring, when the risk of frost has passed, begin sowing directly outdoors.

**Beet seeds can be difficult to germinate. Soak them in warm water for 30 minutes before sowing them in order to soften them and wash out the germination inhibitor.

**Thin out the weakest plantlings so that the plants are approx. 2 inches apart in rows that are 6 inches apart.


**Once the plants are established and the roots are starting to swell, water moderately unless the conditions are very dry.

**Overwatering will only encourage leaf growth but underwatering will cause the outer leaves to turn yellow and the roots to become woody.

**Keep your rows well weeded and give them a boost of fish emulsion once or twice to give them some extra nitrogen, manganese, and boron.


**If you sow your seeds every few weeks, you should be able to harvest beets all through the summer and fall. Start picking the first beets when they are about the size of a golf ball.

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