Sunday, August 28, 2011


*Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

*tough, hardy perenniel
*best in zones 3-9
*the leaves added to compost piles speeds up decomposition
*some consider it a roadside, invasive weed. I think it is beautiful and hardy and it has a place in my flower garden

Parts Used:
*leaves and flowers, fresh or dried

*full sun to partial shade
*prefers well-drained, rich soil but is tolerant of almost any type of soil
*they are frost hardy and drought-resistant

*you can propagate from seed: use cold stratification for 1 month, then sow in pots and do not transplant outdoors until 6-8 weeks later (or when plant is healthy and frost danger is past) *OR* you can sow seed directly into ground in early spring
*you can also propagate by root division in the spring or fall

*divide clumps every 3-4 years in late fall or early spring
*it is an invasive grower: to stop invasion, divide plant by digging up clumps and plant it somewhere else

*harvest the flowering stalks when they are fully open and dry in small bunches hung upside down out of direct sunlight
*harvest leaves at anytime

*used for quickly stopping bleeding and reducing inflamation
*helps with fevers by reducing body temperatures and encouraging perspiration (often combined with elder flowers for this)
*a valuable digestive remedy: helps with colic, indigestion, and improving appetite by stimulating bile flow and liver function
*used to treat menstrual complaints and heavy menstrual bleeding

Companion Planting:
*the plant doctor of the garden, its' root secretions activate the disease resistance of nearby plants. It also deepens other plants' fragrance, color, and flavor

For additional information, see: references and warnings

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