Friday, August 19, 2011


*Feverfew (Tanecetum parthenium)

*an easygoing perennial
*can be grown in containers
*plant remains evergreen in the winter and is frost hardy
*a famous headache remedy

Parts Used:
*leaves and flowers (mainly leaves), fresh or dried

*enjoys a sunny position best
*needs good soil with good drainage
*give it regular watering

*it self seeds regularly, so you can let it grow on its own if you want
*you can also propagate from seed. It is best to do cold stratification for 1 week before sowing
*you can propagate by cuttings
*you can propagate by root division

*after the flowering is finished, cut back the tall flowering stalks
*it might have a problem with aphids, so look for the signs of aphid activity near your plant
*if you plant it in the shade, it is unlikely to flower

*harvest fresh leaves at any time

*a famous remedy for migraines and headaches
*also good for a restful sleep, stress reduction, and relief from arthritis
*Europeans often eat 3-5 leaves between buttered slices of bread every day to reduce the chance of getting migraines. You can eat the leaves raw as well, but it can produce canker sores that way.

*the dried flowers are often added to give color to potpourri
*this plant has moth-repellant qualities

For more information, see: references and warnings

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